Friday, 28 October 2011

People around us..

as we go to different places we could find different people with different attitudes..
some r good, nice, humble, respectful, obedient, friendly and so on...
BUT some are just the opposite..hmmmmm...
the worse of all would be the HYPOCRITE..they just can't realize what they are talking about.it's all about crapping others life..hey HELLO!!!look at yourself first then u criticize others..

next would be the BACKSTABBER..they look very innocent when they are with u. they cares for you so that in the end u would share all your problems to them.u would treat them as ur BFF..share what u have with them(food, clothes, shoes)..the next thing u know is that, all of ur story would be spreading throughout ur campus, hostel and in other words in public!
that is soooo lame..then ended up fighting..

well we can't stop them from doing such thing since they are born to be that way.haha..
all we could do now is just ignore them and PRAY that they will realize and change their attitude. :)