Friday, 12 August 2011


what first comes out from your mind when you read the title??? boring?? interesting??  well lets find it out together. TEACHING and LEARNING are two different things. the word teaching comes from the word teach which means helping someone to learn a skill by showing them how to do it. meanwhile, as for learn, it is a process of gaining knowledge or skill that makes it possible for you to do something.

this question was being asked during the Language Description class with Mdm Norzalina and Mr Phil(one of the native speakers). he asked us why are we here(despite being forced by family). almost all of my classmates answered that it is because of their interest and i could not agree more. he then asked us what kind of interest, interest in teaching or in learning the language. once more, my friends answered him it is because of their interest in learning the language. i was thinking why am i here when actually he was waiting for my answer. i just could not answer instead i gave him a smileee :D

when i think about it over and over again, i then realised that i am here because of both interests. the interest in teaching and the interest in learning the language. why i said so?? well, in our live these two interests are our parce and parsel in life, it's just that we never realise about it. as i am in this profession(teaching), i must have both interest. i must master the language so that i could teach my future students the right things.

learning and mastering the language are not enough in order to reach out to the students. teaching would absolutely be the answer. teaching is the most wonderful thing to do. through teaching, we are actually helping the needy. the needy here means people who are poor in their knowledge and not poor of wealth. besides that, through teaching we could share some of our knowledge with others.

don't you that by having both interests are great?? well for me yes, it is. as a future teacher, i must have both interest then i would be a good teacher in the future.

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